Matcha: The Green Tea That Fits Everywhere!

Matcha: The Green Tea That Fits Everywhere!

What if we told you that there is an other-wordly tea that can boost your immunity, enhance your skin, spike your energy levels, and even help you fight diseases?

What if we told you it is completely natural? What if this tea could refashion your life in uncountable ways? Too good to be true?

Matcha is all this, and much more!

Matcha’s diversity

This traditional Japanese tea has steadily become a synonym for “healthy” choices. A perfect lifestyle companion which has been intensely researched for its health benefits. What remains unnoticed is the range of ways through which this green elixir remodels our life.

Here are a few things you can cook, whip, whisk, and stir up with this magical tea!

Iced Tea

Nothing quenches your thirst more than a refreshing drink on a sunny day. But nothing wakes up your lazy self,  revitalizes your body, and charges you with antioxidants more than a chilled glass of iced Matcha tea.

Easy to mix, zesty to drink – it is perfect for iced teas. Be it an instant energy drink, or a fancy shake, this tea plays both the roles equally well.

Drinking matcha can lower your blood pressure and aid in weight loss.

Hot Mugs

Perfect for chilly days, matcha can be whisked into a jitter-free cup of warmth. The traditional eastern way of consuming the frothy and yummy matcha with boiling water has authenticity at its heart, while the new trend-setters drinking the luscious and creamy matcha latte have a love for something new and rejuvenating.

You have to whip it and mix it for a creamy latte, while just whisking it works perfectly for a frothy tea. Both give you a similar exhilarating, energising and empowering experience.

This green matcha energy is what Buddhists use to be in a non-sleepy meditative state of mind. Just drinking this elixir can put your mind in a state of ease, thus giving it the name “Liquid Meditation”.

Sinful Brownies

Something unique for your sweet tooth: heavenly, gooey matcha brownies! With or without chocolate, nutty or fudgy, matcha brownies are a delicacy worth trying. Besides adding a pristine color and nutritional value, matcha effortlessly balances out the sweetness in your brownies. It adds a tea-tastic scent that further elevates the experience for your taste buds.

Unique Mocktails and Cocktails

Who told you green tea leaves were boring? Look beyond usual mocktails and old-school cocktails; Matchafy them to up your drinking game! A perfect base for your fancy non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails, Matcha can give your drink a great twist. Zesty lime, fresh mint, and matcha powder stirred up to create a matcha infused Mojito. Or a mix of your favourite liquor and the green elixir for an intoxicating cocktail. The best thing about Matcha: it’s always open to experimenting!


Consuming this form of green tea is a much better alternative as compared to drinking multiple cups of coffee per day and choosing instant coffee(all of which have caffeine content), as coffee intake causes a caffeine rush and subsequent crash.

Make the switch to matcha green tea and watch the fine powder improve your energy efficiency and take care of your health, prevent you from heart disease and lower your chances of heart failure.


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