Naturally Caffeinated, Uncarbonated Energy Drink: Tencha’s Iced Matcha Cold Blend

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Our Iced Matcha Cold Blend is energy, nutrition, antioxidants and more, all packed into one easy-to-make drink!

How Matcha's Journey began

Back in the 13th century, the Japanese Samurai warriors’ pre-battle drink of choice was Matcha. They discovered that Matcha provided increased energy and endurance and made them mentally prepared for the battle.

The famous Japanese tea ceremony dates back to the 9th century however, it took 700 years for tea to become popular in Japan.

Making traditional matcha requires products like chasen(bamboo whisk), chawan(bowl), natsume(tea caddy), and chashaku(tea ladle), which is an experience of its own. But what if we told you, you could enjoy all the benefits of matcha (and more) without the hassle?

This refreshing, antioxidant rich drink packs quite a punch for those looking to add this superfood to their diet.

Recipe for the Iced Matcha Cold Blend?

All you need is a tumbler, chilled water, a little ice to pour it over, and you’re good to go!

Fill the tumbler with 300ml chilled water, add one sachet of our Iced Matcha Cold Blend, and shake well.

Et Voila! Your drink is served. 

matcha, caffeine, energy drink, antioxidants,

Should you make the switch?

Iced Matcha Cold Blend (IMCB) is a great alternative to cold brew coffee, iced teas and carbonated energy drinks. It gives you energy for 4-6 hours as compared to the short burst of energy you get from coffee, which usually only lasts for 1-3 hours. With only 12 calories per sachet, the antioxidant rich Iced Matcha Cold Blend made with 100% pure Japanese matcha brings back life to a hectic day.

Whether you want something to wake you up in the morning, or you're looking for a pre-workout drink to get you energised, or you need something to fight the inevitable afternoon slump, this rare combination of healthy and delicious is the answer to it all. 

Matcha’s caffeine is stored in our body for longer and released gradually, which gives you a clean, longer-lasting boost. Instead of causing anxiety or jitters, it creates a harmonious relationship between the body and the brain and leaves you feeling good. 

Are you ready to elevate your lifestyle?

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