Matcha Lovin' Kit

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✅  Protects your skin against pollutants and toxins
✅  Increases collagen production for skin nourishment
✅  Cleanses and rejuvenates skin
✅  Detoxifies impurities & rids oil, dirt and excess sebum
✅  Restores healthy skin texture
✅  Reduces the appearance of blemishes
✅  Protects against free radical damage

A set of five products for a whole new look for your face and some intense nourishment for your body. The Matcha Lovin' Kit leaves your face thoroughly clean, perfectly exfoliated, and your body deeply hydrated and soothed. It’s the perfect solution for those unimpressed with their current skin or skin care products (and it works as a perfect kit for anyone who actually likes to take care of their skin).

Matcha keeps your complexion fresh & healthy. It eliminates dead skin cells thereby rejuvenating the underlying glow.

Key Actives

Matcha Foaming Face Cleanser
Helps eliminate dead skin and bring back natural complexion.
Hyaluronic Acid
Protects, heals and hydrates skin, encouraging healthy cell growth.

Alcohol Free Matcha Toner
Rids excess oils, soothes and protects skin.
Stabilised Vitamin C
Hydrates, brightens and firms up skin.

Matcha Detox Clay Mask
Reduces inflammation, evens skin tone and improves skin elasticity.
French Green Clay
Targets impurities, evens skin tone and improves skin elasticity.
Stabilised Vitamin C
Brightens dull skin and improves skin texture.

Ultra Light Matcha Gel
Protects skin, reduces inflammation, clears blemishes.
Hyaluronic Acid
Protects, heals and hydrates skin, encourages healthy cell growth.

Matcha Body Lotion

Fights free radicals, soothes and calms skin.
Sakura Extract
Boosts collagen production and maintains skin health.
Shea Butter
Luxurious moisturisation and skin conditioning.

How To Use

1. Cleanse face in AM and PM with Matcha Foaming Face Cleasner and rinse properly.

2. Spray 2-3 pumps of the Alcohol Free Matcha Toner on a cotton pad and swipe your face.
3. Once the toner dries out, apply an even layer of the Matcha Detox Clay Mask on the face and neck regions. Let it sit for 8-12 minutes, while you may want to take a quick selfie or twenty.

4. Rinse the mask and apply an even layer of the Ultra Light Matcha Gel on the face and neck regions.
5. The matcha body lotion can be applied as is. Please ensure your skin is clean and dry before application.

Voila! Repeat this every week and watch your skin turn healthier than ever!

Manufactured By
F-109,110, UPSIDC Industrial Area,
Selaqui, Dehradun - 248011

Face Care

  • Dryness
  • Dullness
  • Acne / Blemishes
  • Inflammation
  • Oil Control


Body Care

  • Intense Moisturisation
  • Matcha prevents acne / fungal infections.
  • Reduce fine lines

P.s if new acne bumps still appear after two weeks of this routine, your body is demanding an internal cleanse. We highly recommend cutting dairy and consuming a sachet of the Iced Matcha Cold Blend every day.

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