Q: Is this the first harvest?

Answer: Yes, Tencha’s Ceremonial Matcha is the first harvest matcha. It has a subtle sweetness and is full of umami while having a creamy texture.

Q: Is this matcha original? How does it differ from culinary matcha?

Answer: Yes, it is an original product. We source our matcha directly from Shizuoka, Japan.

Ceremonial grade matcha is the first harvest matcha. It has a creamier and chalky taste. This grade is mostly consumed as is, with warm water. It could also be consumed with plant-based milk like oat, almond or coconut milk or even whole milk and sweetened as per taste. 

Q: What is the expiration date of matcha?

Answer: The expiry of Ceremonial matcha is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Q: How many servings can one make with 30 grams of matcha?

Answer: Ceremonial Matcha is potent. A standard serving of ½ tsp(1 gram) of matcha will make 30 delicious matcha teas for you.

Q: Is this matcha tested for radiation?

Answer: Yes, our matcha is tested for radiation in Japan. Once imported to India, each batch is tested by FSSAI as well.

Q: How can ceremonial matcha be consumed?

Answer: Ceremonial matcha is best consumed as is. You can make it with hot water or cold and drink it with different types of milk as well.

Q: What are the inclusions in the tin?

Answer: Our ceremonial matcha comes in a stainless steel tin. Inside the tin, the matcha comes packed in a pouch to ensure maximum protection from heat and moisture and a wooden spoon to ease the process of making matcha.

Q: Does it contain caffeine?

Answer: Yes, matcha contains natural caffeine.

Q: Does it have any benefits for health and skin?

Answer: Matcha is a great alternative to coffee as the slow release of the caffeine content in your body prevents the jitters that coffee often causes. It is great in managing weight and has anti-inflammatory properties that are great for both your body and skin. It has 137x antioxidants as compared to green tea, which helps fight free radicals and keep a variety of health problems at bay.