Who are we?

We, at Tencha, believe that self-care deserves to be your number one priority. In these times of monotonous choices, our body demands discovery. It urges us to experiment with reliable substances that naturally supplement our self-care. We have tapped into one such elixir and culminated two unique product lines as a way to express gratitude to yourself. We bring you an array of nourishing and rejuvenating Matcha products, catering to your tastes and your skin.

What's brewing?

Tencha Blends

A caffeinated gem, a mind-rejuvenating beverage, and a great social media post. There is no better green elixir that lifts you as Matcha does.Tencha presents guilt-free, refreshing blends that taste amazing, smell fresh, and make you feel gooooood!

Tencha Essentials

We believe in the power of nourishing skin-care options that can complement your authenticity. So, we bring to you SLS & paraben-free, dermatologically tested Matcha based skincare options to pamper and embrace who you are.  

As a gentle reminder that Tencha is a culmination of efforts to quench a collective thirst for discovery. More than an individual entity, Tencha belongs to the community. Our vision has guided us to put a conscious effort into choosing an all-pervasive ingredient – Matcha- which offers something for everyone.

We think you deserve the opportunity to derive maximum satisfaction with natural, cruelty-free products. And so, we at Tencha, are creating a Matcha revolution, to assure you of a brand that cares.