Green Tea Powder

Farm Fresh From Japan

Culinary Matcha


Culinary Matcha

₹ 595.00

Creamier & Chalkier Taste

First Harvest Matcha

Ceremonial Matcha | Japanese Green Tea Powder


Ceremonial Matcha | Japanese Green Tea Powder

₹ 850.00 ₹ 895.00

be your own chef

Matcha Recipes

15 Minute Instant Glow

say goodbye to acne.

Matcha Detox Clay Mask To Reduce Acne & Excess Oil | With Mask Applicator Brush

Tencha has a plan.

We, at Tencha, believe that self-care deserves to be your number one priority. In these times of monotonous choices, our body demands discovery. It urges us to experiment with reliable substances that naturally supplement our self-care. We have tapped into one such elixir and culminated a unique product line as a way to express gratitude to yourself. We bring you an array of nourishing and rejuvenating Matcha green tea products, catering to your tastes and your body - Iced Matcha Cold Blend (a caffeinated gem & a mind-rejuvenating beverage), Culinary Matcha (sourced from Shizouka, Japan), Ceremonial Matcha (first harvest matcha, also sourced from Shizouka, Japan), Matcha Pre-workout (unmatched energy, with the goodness of matcha).

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