Q: Is this an original product? How does the taste differ from Ceremonial Matcha?

Answer: Yes, this is an original product. Our Culinary Matcha is 100% matcha green tea sourced straight from Shizuoka, Japan. Culinary grade matcha is the second harvest and has a little bitter taste.

Q: How many 300ml servings can one make with 50 grams of matcha?

Answer: Each serving of 300ml 2-3 grams of Culinary Matcha. So, the 50 gram pack will make 25-30 servings.

Q: Does culinary grade matcha have the same benefits as ceremonial grade matcha?

Answer: Both grades of matcha are incredibly healthy and there is not much difference in the health advantages offered by both culinary and ceremonial matcha. The main difference can be felt in the flavour and the preparation method.

Q: What are the uses of culinary matcha?

Answer: As the name suggests, it is perfect for culinary purposes such as baking, making desserts like muffins, cakes, tiramisus, tarts and many more. It can also be used to prepare different beverages and smoothies, where the bitterness of matcha can be subsided by other ingredients but the benefits of matcha can still be enjoyed.

Q: How much matcha can I drink daily?

Answer: You can consume anywhere between 1-5 cups of matcha daily as per how much caffeine your body can tolerate. Most people enjoy drinking 1-3 cups of matcha a day.

Q: Can matcha be drunk cold?

Answer: Yes, matcha can be drunk hot as well as cold. This makes it an all-year round beverage, which is also versatile in terms of how you consume it. You can use Tencha’s Culinary Matcha to make smoothies, hot and cold lattes, spritzers, iced teas etc.

Q: What are the inclusions in the tin?

Answer: Our culinary matcha comes in a stainless steel tin. Inside the tin, the matcha comes packed in a pouch to ensure maximum protection from heat and moisture and a wooden spoon to ease the process of making matcha.

Q: Does it contain caffeine?

Answer: Yes, matcha contains natural caffeine.

Q: Does it have any benefits for health and skin?

Answer: Matcha is a great alternative to coffee as the slow release of the caffeine content in your body prevents the jitters that coffee often causes. It is great in managing weight and has anti-inflammatory properties that are great for both your body and skin. It has 137x antioxidants as compared to green tea, which helps fight free radicals and keep a variety of health problems at bay.