Q: Is the drink 100% vegetarian?
A: The blend is 100% vegetarian.

Q: How much caffeine does the drink contain?
A: The caffeine content in the drink varies between 110mg-130mg. This variation is due to natural ingredients (Matcha) added into the drink.

Q: How should I store the sachets?
A: You should protect the packaging from moisture and store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Q: What’s at the bottom of my container in the drink?
A: That’s Matcha. Due to high electrostatic properties, Matcha sediments at the bottom of the container. Shake well before each prolonged sip.

Q: How many sachets should i drink per day?
A: Ideally we recommend 1 sachet per day, but some Monday’s just require more than 1.
So it really depends on your caffeine intake.

Q: Can i use it as a pre-workout drink?
A: Iced Matcha Cold Blend makes for a perfect pre workout drink. It provides for a  sustainable energy boost, without any crashes or jitters.

Q: Why does my drink taste different every-time i make it?
A: You’re either adding too much/ too less water or not the ideal temperature. Exactly 300ml chilled water and a few ice cubes are essential for a perfectly balanced taste.
Shake well before use.

Q: Does it cure hangovers?
A: The antioxidant-rich Matcha magic works on your body to flush out toxins. Additionally,  Vitamin b-complex within the drink is a great brain and nervous system boost. The drink may help with hangovers in the morning.