Matcha Caramel Pudding: The Easiest Dessert To Make With A Japanese Twist

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Who doesn't love a good pudding? And what could be better than a pudding made with matcha, a delicious and healthy green tea powder? 

This matcha caramel pudding is the perfect treat for those who want something sweet and delicious. Made with only a few simple ingredients, it's also super easy to make!


Here is a list of all the ingredients you need. 

This is such an easy recipe, you don’t even need to run to the grocery store to gather the ingredients, you would have all the ingredients in your kitchen.

To make the matcha pudding , you'll need the following ingredients:

For the pudding

  • 260 gm egg
  • 420 gm milk
  • 10 gm Tencha’s Culinary Matcha (sifted)
  • 120 gm caster or granulated sugar

For the caramel

  • 50 gm granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp water
  • 50 gm hot water

The key is to get the right quality matcha powder and to carefully cook the pudding so that it sets properly.


Our step-by-step guide is everything you need to know to make this tasty treat.

To make the caramel:

  • In a medium saucepan, combine sugar with water. 
  • Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is bubbling.
  • Once the mixture has turned into an amber colour, take it off the heat.
  • Pour the caramel into heat resistant cups or ramekins and keep aside.

To make the pudding:

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  • Mix granulated sugar and matcha powder in a bowl and ensure it does not have any clumps.
  • Warm up milk and let it simmer.
  • Take it off the heat just before it starts to boil.
  • Pour one-third of the milk into the matcha and sugar mixture and whisk continuously. 
  • Then add the eggs to the mixture while whisking continuously to make sure the eggs don’t scramble.
  • Add the rest of the milk and whisk to make a homogeneous mixture.
  • Once the mixture has come together, strain it to get rid of any thick particles and have a smooth pudding.

Assembling the pudding:

  • Pour the pudding mixture into the cups containing caramel.
  • Place it in a tray and add hot water to cover one third of the height of the cups.
  • This makes sure that when the water is boiling, it does not go into the cups and ruins the pudding mixture.
  • Bake for 35-45 minutes or until a knife inserted in the centre comes out clean.
  • Let it cool and run a knife around the edge of the cup to unmold the matcha pudding onto a small plate by inverting the cup.

This matcha caramel pudding recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and earthy flavours. The matcha powder adds a beautiful green colour and a slight bitterness that is offset by the sweetness of the caramel. This pudding is best served chilled, so make sure to give it plenty of time to set in the fridge before you dig in.

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